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Airstream paintings of Taralee Guild. If you would like to recieve a pdf catalog of available Airstream paintings please send me a personal email: g_taralee@hotmail.com

Trailer Reflections book - a 74 page colour soft cover is still available, please click to ordera 74 page colour soft cover is still available

Check out the painting series Nature's Cathedral


New series: Red Fox Sleeping Giant (2015) 41x29" available email g_taralee@hotmail.com

Stern Airstream 3675 (2014) 16x14" acrylic on wood


Hatzic Caravel (2014) 60x40" acrylic on canvas

Aeroflight (2014) - acrylic on canvas 69"x34"


Pismo Beach Airlight (2013) acrylic on canvas 16"x14"

Airstream Back (2013) 37"x42" acrylic on canvas

Still Life Reflection #1 (2013) 14x16 acrylic on canvas


Airstream Clipper (2012) acrylic on canvas, 39" x 54" Inquire about this work


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